Ken Sullivan - Psychotherapy and Counselling - Specializing in indiviual and couples counselling

Relationship Seminar

Next to parenthood, being in a romantic, long-term relationship is about the hardest thing you’ll ever undertake. As we all know, romance starts off wonderfully and can go on for awhile bringing us passion and bliss. However, as we also all know, the bloom falls off the rose before long and then we’re faced with some of the most challenging personal interactions we’ll experience in our lives. How can we go from our soul-mate, you-complete-me, I-feel-like-I’ve-always-known-you perfect relationship to the you’ve-changed, you-never-talk, stop-nagging-me break downs all within a few years, or often much less?

Volumes have been written on relationships and many a day-time talk show host has made his or her career exploring the juicy bits and providing some sound-bite guidance. Some couples have worked tirelessly trying all kinds of therapies to various success, while most others have handled it the best ways they could on their own. The divorce statistics show us how most efforts end up.

In this lecture Ken Sullivan will illuminate and explore some of the reasons relationships (even the good ones) are so universally challenging. The paradox is that while any relationship can have its hardships, the more intimacy you have with someone the more challenging the issues within the relationship become.

Ken will also talk about and discuss some of the necessary requirements all couples need to implement to give their relationship a chance to provide the love, growth, and transformation we all seek.

This lecture is for anyone who is currently in a relationship, has ever/never been in one or works hard at avoiding any. That pretty much covers all of humanity.

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