Ken Sullivan - Psychotherapy and Counselling - Specializing in indiviual and couples counselling

“I have had the privilege of experiencing Ken as both a remarkable teacher and masterful psychotherapist since 2005. Throughout a particularly tumultuous time in my life, Ken has and continues to be a steadying presence. His innate ability to inquire into the wisdom of both the psyche and the body allows me time and time again to discover empowered and expanded ways of living my life. At times, Ken’s gift of compassionately illuminating my repressed emotions, my limiting beliefs and my recycling in the woundedness of the past has been
challenging. His professional facilitation and encouragement lift those challenges
into opportunities for me to more deeply touch the potential within. In working with
Ken, I am able to delight in the process of stepping into a sense of Self that knows a
peace and love greater than any other time in my life.  Thank you Ken."

Sue Diplock

"Ken's gifts to the healing profession are comprised of 1/ his keen observation and listening skills, 2/ his deep knowing of the Divine nature within all people, and 3/ his generosity of spirit; to willingly engage with another at the place of core vulnerability.  He is a valued Therapist and Teacher and seamlessly mentors acceptance of his own "humanness" which in-turn allows each of us to embrace and love ourselves.  What I value most about Ken's style is how easily he brings gentle humour and intimacy to any topic. Thank you for influencing my life."

Laura Luz

"I have known Ken Sullivan for well almost 15 years, first as my instructor and therapist, then as supervisor and for the past 11 years as colleague and friend.

As a teacher, group facilitator, and course leader Ken brings not only his passion and vast knowledge to the work. More than that, he continues to bring himself and all his life-experience to it. He shares freely of personal experiences and thus breaks down any perceived borders between himself as instructor and the course participants. His examples are taken from real life and thus allow students to relate directly to the material presented. His sense of humour and direct and honest presentation of any of the material he teaches allows participants to consider what they are learning without making it heavy and something to be avoided. His presence and presentation encourages honesty and deep introspection and reflection, and his clear and focused attention on the people he teaches creates a safe and relaxed atmosphere in which this introspection and reflection can be practiced.

Ken has been teaching and practicing for many years. He was an experienced teacher when I met him. Over the years he has brought the experience gained in his private therapy practice into his teaching work. The result is highly experiential, well grounded, and deeply individual material which one would have difficulties finding anywhere else in Ontario or Canada. Anyone who has an opportunity to learn from Ken, be it professional development in body-psychotherapy, couples-counselling, etc. or in personal development courses, will find himself / herself richer for the experience."

Sabine Cox

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